Sem estresse: confira 5 cuidados pós-operatórios na cirurgia de próteses mamárias!

A colocação de próteses de silicone nas mamas é uma cirurgia plástica muito procurada, independentemente da idade da mulher. Segundo informações publicadas em um estudo realizado pela Sociedade Americana de Cirurgia Plástica Estética (ASAPS) em 2013, o índice de satisfação das pessoas que optam pela cirurgia de prótese de mama é de 94%.

Esse número demonstra o quanto a cirurgia de implante de silicone é segura. É um procedimento com baixo índice de complicações e a paciente pode, em muitos casos, voltar para casa no mesmo dia em que ela é feita, de acordo com o tipo de anestesia utilizado e a recomendação do cirurgião plástico.

Mas, calma! Isso não significa que é possível voltar a realizar as atividades corriqueiras de imediato. Os cuidados pós-operatórios do implante de silicone nas mamas requerem um pouco de paciência e cautela.

Confira a seguir os 5 pontos que você deve levar em consideração depois de fazer a sua cirurgia de prótese:

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Antes e depois: confira 10 celebridades que optaram pela mamoplastia de aumento e redução

Sempre gostamos de abordar os aspectos do implante com silicone com responsabilidade, falando o quanto é importante procurar bons profissionais para fazer a cirurgia, com um material seguro, compreendendo a necessidade e o biótipo de cada mulher.

Estes fatores, além de importantes para o sucesso da cirurgia plástica, fazem com que muitas pessoas coloquem próteses de silicone e os seios ficam parecendo naturais. Você duvida?

Selecionamos 10 celebridades que colocaram prótese de silicone ou optaram pela redução dos seios para você ver e se inspirar também. Confira:

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Amamentação com prótese de silicone: entenda os mitos e saiba como escolher a mamoplastia

Quando as mulheres optam por fazer uma cirurgia de mamoplastia para aumentar os seios ou diminuí-los, acaba surgindo uma dúvida muito comum: afinal, é possível a amamentação com prótese de silicone?

Pensando nisso, criamos esta matéria para você tirar as suas dúvidas sobre o assunto.

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Tecnologia de Segurança Q Inside™

A Tecnologia de Segurança Q InsideTM consiste no primeiro microtransponder IRF do mundo liberado pela FDA para uso em humanos, e o único com uma Marcação CE (aprovação da União Européia) para ser utilizado em próteses de mama. A inclusão da Tecnologia de Segurança Q InsideTM permite que os profissionais de saúde identifiquem com segurança e precisão as informações sobre o implante a partir da parte externa do corpo, durante o exame. A Tecnologia de Segurança Q InsideTM consiste em um microtransponder biocompatível, programado com uma sequência numérica exclusiva (15 dígitos) que é acessada por um leitor manual patenteado quando ele é aproximado da área da mama. O número de 15 dígitos apresentado no leitor é conferido em um banco de dados seguro e online que pode ser acessado pela Internet e somente por pessoas autorizadas.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

About one out of eight women in the US is diagnosed with breast cancer and the rate increases over time.

The problem becomes more serious when many women don’t realize that they already have cancer and fighting it becomes harder. In order to attack cancer on time is recommended to perform breast self exams once a month and also mammograms once a year. Now, what happens when we have breast implants?

According to many doctors and despite misperceptions, breast with breast implants do breast self-examination even easier because the implant will push the breast forward and lumps or any changes in the breast will be more visible or palpable.

The breast self exam, with or without implants, will be as follows:
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Work out your chest

Today I feel like sharing with you some easy exercises that you can do at home, which will actually help enhance your pectoral area and, therefore, improve the look of your chest after breast augmentation.
Why? Well I’m a believer that exercise should always be part of our lifestyles as it can not only tone up your muscles and give you a better look, but also gives you that boost of energy and positive mindset that we all need.
Now, exercising at home might be difficult without any video or pictures, so I preferred to make a selection of the top 5 best breast exercises videos.

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Bra Size: The eternal conflict!

Most women love shopping! In my case, if there’s one thing I would rather avoid is buying bras.

If it was as easy as choosing from 3 different sizes, life would be much less complicated, but instead we find so many sizes and different options to choose, whether it’s a half cup, push-up, padded, unpadded, lace, supportive, and the size variation between brands and styles is amazing.

In fact, recent studies determined that up to 80% of women around the world are wearing the wrong bra size, me included!

So lets’ face it, it is a bit frustrating to know that many of us even have different bra sizes in our own wardrobe without really knowing which one should be the correct size.

If your scenario is similar to mine, I encourage you to continue reading.

The other day I discovered a website called in which you only have to enter the measurements of your torso and the website automatically provides you with your correct bra size. I even tried it myself! With a measuring tape I entered the “below”, the “bust” and the “above” size, resulting in a 32C American size, or a 70D European size.

I know when skepticism reaches the highest levels, you don’t really think an automated tool will give you the correct answer. I even visited further the nearest lingerie store and tried on about 5 different types of bras. Result: all of them fit perfectly!

I really suggest you to try it and share with us your experience. At least I feel knowing the correct bra size can help us make easier our next shopping experience. Instead of deciding on the bra size, think about which one you like the most at a store or online!

Curious? Check out.

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Most common breast implants myths answered

1. All breast augmentations look fake.

Not true. If the implant chosen by you and your surgeon fits your body and tissues, the breast augmentation should provide you a nice natural appearing result.
You and your surgeon need to have an active communication, in which you would have to explain as much as possible (even with pictures) your desired look, and your surgeon would need to measure, consider your height, frame, tissue in order to recommend you with a breast implant size that will give you a natural semblance. In the other hand, there are some women who don’t necessarily want to acquire real appearance but for the ones of you, who are looking to obtain it, let me tell you it’s possible. Not forget to mention your surgeon selection is quite important. Don’t be afraid to ask about his/her experience and even diplomas.

2. You cannot breastfeed with breast implants.

Not true. Implants are positioned either beneath the pectoralis major muscle or the beneath the breast gland. In neither of the placements will damage the milk production gland nor the milk ducts. So you have nothing to be afraid.
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What size of breast implant should you choose?

Take a Peek

If you are considering breast implants we assume you have been checking different pictures of many women with the ideal breast size you want. If not, this should be your first step to come up with your implant size.
Before you start on that, let’s make something clear here. You need to browse pictures of women who are similar to your physical frame. If your height is 5’8″ you cannot expect you are going to look like a woman whose height is 5’2, so please make sure you are referring to women images that are similar to you. What can be big for a woman can be too small for another.

Internet has a lot of before and after pictures where you can see some different results. Remember the more images you see, the better idea you get on the size.
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Woman Breast

Post-op: What you need to know

Today we want to consider the main post-op tips so your breast implant surgery is successful and you get a fast recovery.
We consider the main information source should always be your doctor and also you should know all surgeries have a different impact, depending on various factors, thus we highlight the importance of maintaining an active communication with him/her throughout the process.
Having said that, we present the list of the most important details you should consider:

  1. Sleep in an upright reclined position for 1 week after the surgery.
  2. Keep your hands and elbows to your side.
  3. Taking your prescribed medication.
  4. No driving in the first 48 hours after surgery.
  5. No alcohol for 48 hours.
  6. Avoid sun exposition for 3 weeks and use sunscreen.
  7. Do not lift over 5 pounds objects.
  8. Do not perform heavy workouts for a period of 6 weeks.
  9. You can get a shower after 24 hours from the surgery.
  10. Remember always to use your post-op bra.
  11. And our final recommendation is to not wear wired bras for a period of 6 weeks.

We hope you follow as much as possible this list, and contact your doctor whenever you have doubts.